Monday, 18 July 2011

Less effort, please

The Book: The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields

The Quote: "If this does not win the Booker Prize for Fiction it will be because it is too good."

The Reviewer: Scotland on Sunday

The Verdict: Ah ok, Carol can rest assured that that is the reason she didn't win then - must try not as hard next time Carol!
I wonder what Roddy Doyle, author of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha - which actually did win the 1993 Booker prize that Carol Shields was shortlisted for - would have to say about this speculation.


  1. That is quite possibly my favourite review to date. It also explains why I didn't win my school modelling competition. Clearly I was just too darn cute.

  2. It's also why I have never won the GQ best dressed male award. Too freaking sexy for my own good!

    And as for the Nobel prizes. They only give them to average thinkers anyway.

  3. Exactly - we all know the reason for our collective failures in competitions now!
    This really is a perfect example of alarmingly bonkers nonsense.