Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Being brutally honest

Breaking away from our usual mould for a brief picture post. This is the back of the book I have just finished reading: This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper.

Yes, those are little quips from critics and yes, the 'find out more inside' is infact a key that tells you the poor peoples' names who couldn't even fit onto the cover, because there was just too much praise for Mr Tropper.

Although maybe 'praise' is the wrong word. For all we know, these tiny little words have been fully taken out of context.
Perhaps number 15 said, "To be brutally honest, I couldn't get past the first chapter."
Or maybe number 2 wrote, "If you're smart, you won't pick this book up."
Or even number 11, "I'll give the book some credit: it made a very graceful arc as I threw it into the bin."

Actually, Jonathan Tropper is one of my favourite writers, but whichever publisher decided this was a good way to market him should be shamed.

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